What if I fall?

I have been feeling a little strange regarding my blog the last few weeks, it’s hard to put my finger on it but something just doesn’t feel right. A couple of months ago I wrote some blogging goals and I was determined to get a little more serious about it all. For the first time ever…


There’s no place like home.

After a really lovely week away in Yorkshire we were looking forward to a weekend at home. Sleeping in, pottering around and generally just enjoying our home comforts. We had a lazy Saturday morning with the girls sleeping in until 9am!!! Allowing me to have a hour catching up on some blogging (which had been…


Halfway through….

Can you believe that we are over halfway through the holidays? There are only two weeks left. I remember when I was younger, the 6 week summer holidays felt like a life time but I can honestly say that these have flown by, I don’t think that I’m ready for a new school year to start….


Happy Days #2

Back for my second happy days post – I really enjoyed writing this last week although I got a little ahead of myself and was ready to post it a day early! Very unlike me to be so organised! Lots of happy moments this week…. We spent the week in a lovely little cottage in…


A week of adventures

We have been waiting for these couple of weeks to arrive for what feels like forever…but they finally came. Our holidays! We were all  in desperate need of some time out, a break and a change in our routine. The last few years we have been abroad, which has always been lovely although still stressful at…


Happy Days #1

I often read bloggers Happy Days posts and I always think I am going to do that linky but never get around to it…so here goes: Here is what’s made me happy this week: Holidays – me and my Husband have been off work this week and it has been so lovely. The last few…


The 2nd Trimester

So at 21 weeks I am fully in the second trimester. I wrote a post back in the first trimester on how I was finding my 3rd pregnancy quite tough so I thought I was due a little post on how I am feeling now before I’m hitting the third, which really isn’t that far…